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Re: [IP] Lantus- good or bad?

<< Dianne Said: My big question is.... since they came out with lantus it's 
suppose to do , in essence what  the pump does, will the insurance companies 
start rejecting claims for people going on the pump because they now have 
lantus to use? >>

<< I took Lantus while I've waited to get my pump.  Lantus doesn't work for 
me, does absolutely nothing.  Its like I'm not even taking anything. IMHO, I 
haven't seen Lntus to be that great an improvement over anything else.  I'm 
actually doing a bit better on Lente, than I did on the Lantus. 
Jenn >>

Here's where YMMV comes in.  ;-)   I was on Lantus before the pump after 
being on Lente.  LOVED Lantus; hated Lente.  Dianne, I don't think you need 
to worry about insurance companies not approving the pump.  No one is saying 
that Lantus does just what the pump does--its only (huge) improvement is more 
consistent absorption of the insulin delivered.  Because a user can't set 
different basals for different times of day, can't deliver the insulin in 
tenths of a unit, etc., Lantus will never do what the pump does.

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