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[IP] Itchy sets was: I'm almost an official member

Hi guys,
One suggestion is that if trying different outer tapes and wipes doesn't
work, then try a different type of set.

When I went on the pump in December of 1999 I had terrible problems with
itchy skin from the sets (was using Softsets).  The big cause was the tape
the set came with didn't hold it in well and I had to put on an 'outer'
tape.  Because of the skin irritation I starting inserting  into an 'inner'
tape to see if that would help (basically a tape sandwich around the set).
This worked a bit better but I felt the pull from the tape against my skin,
and it still itched a bit.  Not to mention feeling like a serious wound
victim from all the tape on me.  :)

So after two weeks of frustration with it I tried a Silhouette Set.  This
has a paper-based tape that is different from the more plastic-based tape on
the Softset.  I have had no problems with skin irritation from those and am
able to wear them without all the extra tape.  I believe the rapids have
this type of tape also.

Best of luck, and YMMV,
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