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[IP] Re: I'm almost an official member

In a message dated 10/3/2001 3:51:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> After inserting the sof-set, I was very much aware of the stuff attached to 
> me.  Nothing hurt, but very aware of the tape and the infusion set.  I 
> guess 
> I thought about it too much because I started imagining that I could feel 
> the 
> set poking me!  When I actually put my finger on the area where it was 
> "poking," it wan't even near the insertion point.  Crazy, huh?  Now today 
> at 
> work, I hardly noticed anything was attached, but it's starting to itch 
> once 
> in a while under the tape.  I'm not generally sensitive (allergy wise) to 
> things like this, so maybe its all in my head.  

Hi Matt,
  My Ashley does not usually have sensitive skin either but, she is getting 
rashes from the tape & it is very itchy.  We are trying out different kinds 
of tapes right now trying to find one that does not rash her out.  Also they 
sent us some prep wipes called Bard that is supposed to protect the skin from 
the tape. We are hoping that works.  Call Minimed's 800 number & they will 
send you a kit with different tapes & different IV preps too. 
Good luck:-)

 Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 yrs old(diabetic for 5 years & pumping 
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