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[IP] 508 and new pump

Just a quick note following a previous thread-
I have been pumping for 1.5 years and love it.  As an adult(55), I am
thrilled with my A1C.  A caution to those who use 508.  I got mine in June
of 2000, and have had it since then.  However, about a month ago, I started
noticing that the selc and activate pad was strangely softish - a very
technical word to describe it's feel?  Two days ago as I went to change my
set, I went to activated and hit twice to suspend - except that it skipped
suspend and went straight to screen 3 or basal.  Two more tries the same
thing!.  Third try, I keep scrolling through to setup II and then tried
again and I got suspend.  The same thing happen yesterday.  The long and the
short of it is that Minimed is sending me a new pump (refurbished) as it's
still under warranty.  My other option was to have mine fixed and that would
take about 6 weeks.  Hope no one else has this experience.
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