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[IP] Re: Background info on Human Growth Hormone

re your inquiry about Growth Hormone

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Date:          Thu, 04 Oct 2001 13:13:18 -0400
From:          "Earl A. Gershenow" <email @ redacted>
To:            Michael <email @ redacted>

GHD (growth hormone deficiency) is not caused by low blood BG (blood
glucose) or hypoglycemia; rather GH (growth hormone) increases BG
because it is a counterregulatory agent to insulin (i.e., lowers
insulin).  rGH (recombinant GH) therapy increases BG, and thus, often
completely eliminates low BG or hypoglycemia.

The Human Growth Foundation (HGF), deals this issue and many other
issues related torGHD and other growth disorders.  The HGF Internet
Suupport Lists (HGF-ADULTS and HGF-PEDS) provide both personal support
and medical information.  Those internet support lists are unique in
that they are the only ones that provide current and reasonably
accurate intermediate level medical information tailored to the needs
of the patient. We publish "mini-primers," "key messages,' and
"abstracts" that educate adults, parents, and physicians on various
aspects of growth disorders.  Through education and advocacy training,
we improve patient-physician communications, which results in the best
possible diagnostic and treatment modalities for the patient.  We call
this patient-driven medicine; and it works!

 The HGF website is at http://www.hgfound.org.  Any parent of a child
 with a
growth disorder can join the internet support list (HGF-PEDS) through
the HGF website, or by contacting me directly at email @ redacted
 I please pass this on to parent of the 7 year-old child.  Thanks.


Earl A. Gerhsenow
HGF Webmaster
Member, HGF Board of Directors
email @ redacted
301-983-8341 (phone/fax)

email @ redacted
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