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[IP] Need of some support (long)

Gail, If the doctors who are familiar with diabetes and pregnancy have given 
you the green light, then by all means keep trying.  If you and your husband 
feel you can handle the hurdles ahead (and it seems like you both agree that 
you can), then I would not listen to someone who is not familiar with 
diabetes on a daily basis.  It sounds as if this social worker has read all 
the horror stories out there about diabetes.  Or perhaps she watched Steel 
Magnolias one too many times.  (Don't watch it if you've never seen it.)   
Anyway, I had two children  (now 5 and 8) and did not even have a pump then.  
It was a lot of work, but definitely not impossible.  And yes, it was 
difficult after the babies were born, as I found the post partum period 
difficult in terms of diabetes control - all those fluctuating hormones.   
However, it was worth the frustration, and it was not impossible - just a lot 
of work!  I think anything worthwhile having is usually even more appreciated 
if you had to work hard for it.   Just my two cents worth.
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