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[IP] Why do they call it a honeymoon period if I'm not anywhere fun?

i'm sorry, but what rationalization does your doc give for not putting you
on the pump because you're still in your honeymoon? i'm 27, only been dx'd
a year, and my doc fully supported me going on the pump a month after
diagnosis. i'm not doing this as a "in-your-face" thing, but if you need
or a "testimonial" from someone who's convinced the pump is a real
lifesaver because of it's flexibility, then i'm here.:) 
i will warn you though, it's not easy, and according to my doc and cde
most people on the pump don't have as hard of a time as i do, but most are
off their h.p. they do agree that shots were completly not working for me,
so it's the lesser of two evils, so to speak. i'm at the point where my
insulin needs just skyrocketed, and i'm basically having to start all
over, but STILL - feel it was better than the complete terror and
instability of Lente. i have a full time job, plus a family to take care
of. i'm completly out of sick days at work, but i'm still employeed. with
shots i don't think i
would have even been able to keep my job.  (i always wonder what would
have happened if this dm had shown up 10 years ago when all i had to miss
was school... NOT that that's any easier! can't imagine dating!!i give
younger ones credit....)
you're having good control with shots, then maybe i can see
the doc's point. but my last a1c's were 6.2- and was still honyemooning :)
i hope the next few months go smoothly for you! good luck when you get
your pump!

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