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[IP] feelings and diabetes - from appearances they seem to not exist....

Personal disclosure...I spent 6 months of 1991 in a psych hospital
overcoming diabetes-related depression and eating disorders. One of my
"issues" that I had a really had time explaining to other people, and few
people understood, was that with diabetes you can get mad, but at who or
what? Do you curse God for afflicting you? Parents, yourself, the doctor,
who can you point that anger too? Other people that were hospitalized with
me mostly had people who treated them or did things to them that brought
pain and anger. There was another young woman in the hospital with me for
the exact same diabetes reasons and when we would try to air our feelings
out, people could not relate. We both knew exactly what each other was
expressing, but it was very foreign to others. I remember very vividly the
blank expressions on my fellow patients' faces as I tried to describe how I
felt about my own body betraying me. Very powerful feelings are associated
with this disease. I am glad we this forum to discuss with like-minded
Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

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