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[IP] Lantus- good or bad?

Hi Everyone,
    I just got the latest Countdown magazine in the mail yesterday.  In it
was an article on Lantus.  It stated that in studies where people were given
Lantus or NPH to keep fasting blood glucose levels below 120mg/dl, both
regimens achieved roughly the same hemoglobin A1c level, however the ones
using Lantus had fewer episodes of hypoglycemia than the NPH regimen.
Because of the way it's made it has a more EVEN lasting effect for 24 hours
but also, because of the way it's made, it cannot be mixed with other
insulin's.  Meaning if you use Lantus at night and you also have to take
humalog to correct a high reading, you'd have to take two shots.
     My big question is.... since they came out with lantus it's suppose to
do , in essence what  the pump does, will the insurance companies start
rejecting claims for people going on the pump because they now have lantus
to use? You & I know the insurance companies don't take into account that
you may have to take more shots. They see that syringes cost less than pump
     For those on the pump already, it won't matter, but I feel sorry for
those who want to go on the pump to get away from shots all the time. I
still don't think it will work as well as the pump, but I think those
wanting to go on it will have one more obstacle to face. I'm just glad
Johnny is on the pump now. What do you think?
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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