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[IP] Re: I'm ALMOST an official member

> Well, yesterday was my first day on my new 508 pump.  For right now, I'm
only pumping saline, so I guess I'm not an official member of the
club......yet. <snip> But next Tuesday, we close the deal and start the real
thing. Just wanted to share, and anyone who wants to comment, I would love
to hear any feedback.  Matt in NC >

Pumpers have been telling if they did/did not start with saline. I believe
that came about after techniques progressed. Eighteen years ago when I
started I was hospitalized for a week. I was encouraged to live *like I
would at home* (HA!) and was free to go in and out, but had to be present
for lab draws 7 times a day. I was also required to do my own finger sticks
at the same time and write down my *reading* that I determined with my cut
strip that I compared to a color chart on the side of the Chemstrip Bg
container. I came pretty close to the lab draws, too. That was important so
they could tell if I was doing it correctly.

After I got *settled in* I was to do 4 tests a day, then sporadically do
them because that basal was set for *life* and as long as I stuck with the
eschange diet and took the same boluses, I should be okay. No need to change
anything. (Glad I got on the 'net and learned differently!!)

This pump (size of a checkbook box) delivered in whole units only and had no
memory of anything. It did have a total daily dose that I cleared each a.m.
at breakfast. I used Lilly Regular insulin then. This pump is one that can
be seen in the pump album in my sig.

Does anyone here know when they began using saline for trials? I didn't know
they did until I got on the 'net 2.5 yrs. ago. I know my endo and his
diabetes educator (no *Certifieds* back then - yet) each wore pumps for 3
days with saline before Rxing any to patients, but they are non-DMers. (~_^)

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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