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[IP] I apologize.

Dear Friends,

  Yes I got the message from the list moderator.  And please before you
flood the list with replies...I am sorry. I truly did not mean to offend
anyone...that was not my intention.

I sent what I did not regarding the stem cell research (which I am for)  but
because I am afraid of current world situations.  I am the wife of an
Airforce Sgt.  I am the same person who has written this list recently
telling everyone I cannot see because of cataracts due to blood sugar
fluctuations on the low side.   I was sending this referring to terrorism
and the WTC destruction.

I am very afraid.  I am over 2000 miles away from All the rest of my family.
If my husband deploys I will be alone with my diabetes and my daughter's!  I
can't see to drive and today my daughter spent all day in the hospital in
DKA due to illness.  (my husband still wanted to send her to school and I
got furious with him!)

My husband was gone during desert storm... and because of stress I went into
the roller coaster rides of lows as low as 12 and highs  of  HI on my meter.
I cannot afford to get on plane to go home with my daughter if he leaves
(not that I would feel safe doing that now anyway)...I will in effect be
stranded...and in a very dangerous situation.

Now you know why I sent it in...sorry if I upset you with it.

My deepest apologies!!!

Denise Radcliffe
email @ redacted
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