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Re: [IP] I'm ALMOST an official member!!

In a message dated 10/3/2001 3:47:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hey everybody,
> Well, yesterday was my first day on my new 508 pump.  For right now, I'm 
> only 
> pumping saline, so I guess I'm not an official member of the club......yet. 
> But next Tuesday, we close the deal and start the real thing.  
> After inserting the sof-set, I was very much aware of the stuff attached to 
> me.  Nothing hurt, but very aware of the tape and the infusion set.  I 
> guess 
> I thought about it too much because I started imagining that I could feel 
> the 
> set poking me!  When I actually put my finger on the area where it was 
> "poking," it wan't even near the insertion point.  Crazy, huh?  Now today 
> at 
> work, I hardly noticed anything was attached, but it's starting to itch 
> once 
> in a while under the tape.  I'm not generally sensitive (allergy wise) to 
> things like this, so maybe its all in my head.  What do you think?
> Just wanted to share, and anyone who wants to comment, I would love to hear 
> any feedback.  
> Matt in NC

I did the same exact thing. When I saw the needle that was in the infusion 
set I just about paniced. Then after I inserted the thing it didn't even hurt 
and I thought "wow!" Then after it was in my stomach I thought I could feel 
it. I was just being to paranoid. After the first couple of days you don't 
even notice you're wearing it! I love it now. It gives me so much freedom. I 
had trouble with getting itchy and I stopped using the pre-prep wipes and I 
use alchol wipes and I don't have the itchiness anymore. I saw someone say on 
the list that you can call MM and ask for different samples of pre-wipes to 
try. Hope this helps, Heather W.
email @ redacted
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