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[IP] I'm ALMOST an official member!!

Hey everybody,

Well, yesterday was my first day on my new 508 pump.  For right now, I'm only 
pumping saline, so I guess I'm not an official member of the club......yet.  
But next Tuesday, we close the deal and start the real thing.  

After inserting the sof-set, I was very much aware of the stuff attached to 
me.  Nothing hurt, but very aware of the tape and the infusion set.  I guess 
I thought about it too much because I started imagining that I could feel the 
set poking me!  When I actually put my finger on the area where it was 
"poking," it wan't even near the insertion point.  Crazy, huh?  Now today at 
work, I hardly noticed anything was attached, but it's starting to itch once 
in a while under the tape.  I'm not generally sensitive (allergy wise) to 
things like this, so maybe its all in my head.  What do you think?

Just wanted to share, and anyone who wants to comment, I would love to hear 
any feedback.  

Matt in NC
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