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Re: [IP] Why do they call it a honeymoon period if I'm not anywhere fun?

At 02:59 PM 10/3/01 -0700, you wrote:
 >So I went to my very pro-pump endo yesterday who said it would be at least 3
 >months before I could safely go on a pump.  My blood sugar crashed to 50
 >twice in the past two weeks when I had no active insulin in my system,
 >wasn't exercising, and had eaten carbs in the previous hour.  She called
 >this "androgenous insulin production".  I thought David Bowie was
 >androgenous, I didn't realize insulin could be too !
 >So they are pretty much categorizing me as a Type 1 1/2 -- I have more
 >characteristics of Type I than II, but my c-peptide isn't zero (yet).
 >Anyone else been there?  What else am I in for the next three months?
ROFL!  I think what your endo said was "endogenous insulin 
production."  That means it's insulin being produced from within your body.

I went through a honeymoon phase too, but I was only nine so I don't 
remember much about it.

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