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[IP] Need of some support (long)

I need some encourage and some happy thoughts right now.

My husband and I have been seeing a social worker while we have been 
going through infertility treatments. We had been trying for awhile 
before I got the pump a year ago. Then when I got into better control we 
thought it would be easier. It originally turned out to be a low count on 
his part and we were told our best chance would be to go with in vitro. 

Since then we had endured highs and lows brought on by the hormones 
and I cant seem to make enough eggs to justify the retrieval for the in 
vitro process. I am told that some of the cause is due to my age (35) and 
mostly due to the diabetes. They are starting to call it early pre 
menopausal due to diabetes. But we are continuing to try. 

What has really gotten me down is that these sessions with this social 
worker. She keeps pointing out the fact of how much I keep putting my 
life and health at risk to have this child. How I keep minimizing how much 
I am putting myself at risk. Saying that I am only listening to the positive 
things the doctors have said and not taking into account the life 
threatening and high risks. I made the mistake about voicing some 
frustration about the daily mental toll that tight control takes last night 
and she jump all over it and was asking how could I possibly deal with 
that and an infant that is totally dependent on me. 

I have worked hard to have my Ha1c down to a 4.2 on the last blood test 
in August. I have seen the maternal-fetal doctors and done all the 
genetic testing and gone over the risk of the diabetes with a pregnancy. 
Seen the endo, who on last visit said that I could consider myself in the 
health of a non-diabetic as long has I can maintain the control as far as 
complications from my blood work. So I have the blessing to go ahead 
with this from my primary, endo, and maternal-fetal docs, actually in 
writing because the infertility docs wouldnt start without. This social 
worker is part of the package at the clinic.

I made the decision to speak with the infertility docs about this already 
because my husband and I dont want to go back to her again. If it is 
mandatory that we seek counseling through this then we can find some 
one that is more supportive to our choices privately. 

I believe that we can handle what is given to us and this pregnancy and 
having a child is not beyond what my husband and I can cope with. I 
guess I just need some encouragement for those who have been there 
and done that with diabetes. 


Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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