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[IP] feelings and diabetes - from appearances they seem to not exist....

I am really confused.  We are living with a disease that can (at least for 
me) bring up a lot of feelings.  I have had some very deep and emotional 
conversations about living with diabetes.

I can't believe that I'm the only who has seen how closely related my 
"diabetes control" is my emotional/spiritual serenity.

Since feelings don't exist <very big grin> how bout a "rational" discussion of:
	feelings and their impact on diabetes control
	diabetes and its impact on the emotional

Any comments about feelings and why the do/don't have any impact on living 
with diabetes.
Experiences with addressing/avoiding dealing with diabetes related feelings.
Experiences that really hurt because of personal diabetes related feelings.
How dealing or not with feelings has impacted diabetes related motivation.

A small input from me.

All I remember of a guided meditation done at a 3 day seminar several years 
ago is one sentence.  "Think of the joy of an ice cream cone."  I'm not 
sure of the feelings that came up (sadness, grief, anger - probably) but I 
DO remember the tears..............

If you don't want to post publicly or don't want to "go there" at least 
acknowledge that is also a feeling that is as valid as talking about it.....

Jim S.
email @ redacted 
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