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[IP] Re: Ghost pain

Sharon B wrote:
>>>The insulin bolus usually hurts when it is being bolused and it hurts to
lay on my stomach at night. I wonder if it is close to a nerve but the blood
sugar readings are always really good mostly really low
when it hurts. >>>

We often have *pump wars* - at least major comparisons on this list. One
person always sends the great reasons a particular pump was chosen. I'm
going to chime in here that the main reason I stay with MiniMed is because
of the slower delivery rate. It takes 5 min. for 6u to infuse. I have major
sensitivity and I went through almost 10 years of pain with a speedier
delivery and don't want that again. Pumps are a personal choice.

We have a minivan to put me on a higher level than most of the oncoming
headlights - and sitting in the middle or back seat there is no sun coming
in on me through the rear window like in a car.

These are all things to consider when making your pump/vehicle choice - some
want the speedy delivery, some don't. Some want the sun/headlights, some
don't. YMMV (~_^)

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