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Re: [IP] Risk involved with Rapid drops and DKA

> "Kerri Southard" - gave us some resourses that spoke of the risk
> involved in lowering blood sugar too quickly when someone is in DKA.
>  Can you also please explain exactly how we will know when someone
> is in DKA?  Sometimes, Cory's blood sugar is high and he may even
> have large ketones, but is he actually in DKA? 

dka needs three things
1) high bg's
2) keytones
3) dehydration

This is usually brought on by long periods of high bg's but can be 
agravated by many things including illness, inadequate fluids 
in hot weather while exercising, etc...

It's probably unlikely that under normal circumstances a pump user 
would go into DKA even if they received no insulin overnight, forgot 
to bolus for a meal, or something like that. Your medical team can 
and should explain it to you in detail so you don't worry 

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