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RE: [IP] mail order pharmacies

Just went through a round of this crap with RxPrime (15 phone calls over a
month and they sent me the wrong # of the wrong brand of strip), which is
the mail order pharmacy for Cigna.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Get the prescription filled first at a regular pharmacy, then transfer
it.  I seem to have less problems with those than with prescriptions that I
attempt to originate with the mail order, perhaps because transfers are
handled at the pharmacy level and not the data entry clerk level so you have
a slightly better chance of having fewer inept people potentially botching
your order.  It is slightly more expensive that way (it cost me $35 more)
but it is a one-time cost, and worth avoiding the hassle.

2) If you have less than a 5 day supply left, *insist* that the mail order
pharmacist phone in a one month supply to your local pharmacy with no copay.
RxPrime has now had to do this for me twice because they couldn't get their
act together

3) Give them a chance to get it right, then make a fuss the likes of which
they have never seen.  They are not here for your convenience, they are
contractually obligated to deliver, and when they don't, they should be
penalized.  Make sure you complain to Aetna in addition to the pharmacy,
also complain to your HR rep if your insurance is through your job. 


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Thanks to all those who responded to my gripe about
struggling to take the next step in this pump therapy.
Once you shed the mantle of the doctor's starting
advice it really is up to the patient to figure out
the correct path through reading and talking to IPers!

One more gripe and then my next email will be filled
with sunshine and monkeys...
I'm with Aetna, who has treated me pretty well, but
Express Scripts, the mail order pharmacy is so inept.
Luckily, I only really have to deal with them when my
doc has to send in a new prescription (they only
accept a precription of 90 days with 3 refills). Every
time my doc faxes them a prescription they don't
receive it at least twice (no matter what doc sends
it) and something always goes wrong between Aetna and
the pharmacy and they only have contact with each
other via email, which leaves me the job of calling
back and forth between the entities. At this point, in
my bid for test strips (which after weeks of calling
and waiting for my order, they sent out less than half
of my 90 day supply), I've called them almost every
day for 2 1/2 weeks, and they still can't find out
what's holding the order up. They say they'll call me
back and they don't, and I can never get through to
the person I spoke with previously (always on the
phone or unavailable). I've been so pleasant and
understanding with these people, and if I go back to
my local pharmacy it's much more expensive. Does
anyone deal with this problem or have any advice? 
Thanks again,


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