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Re: [IP] Group Question:

Hi.  I work graveyard for 7y and have a few insights for Day Off basal

You'll need good records of your days off to make the neccesary adjustments.
Do NOT expect to just change times on you current basal rates.  My 'day off'
insulins demands were significantly different.  Having said this;

The first thing I did was simple change the times and saw what happened,
corrcting highs and lows as needed.

The next thing was to change the basals to avoid the highs and lows.  I
ended up decreasing total insulin by about 20% on my days off.  I would
suggest making adjust ments in 10% increments.

After a couple of weeks I had accurate basals as well as new bolus ratios
for my weekend,  I you are particularly active on your days off, remember to
have fast acting CHOs with you at all times especially during this
adjustment phase.
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
DCCT Control Group, MM507
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