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Re: [IP] More newbie questions (long post)


  Sorry for such a late response.  As for picking out a pump, all three 
companies have a loaner pump program where you can actually 'test drive' 
their product and see how it looks and feels, and the functions of each of 
them.  Do NOT let anyone push you into one certain type.  This is NOT right 
and really none of their business.  This is a personal choice and only you 
can decide which one will fit our lifestyle!

  As for how many times you are checking your BGS.  It is important to check 
frequestly, especially in the beginning to ensure that you are getting things 
set up just right.  Try working down your fingers on the sides, alternate the 
hands and each finger.  Try a meter that can be used on the arm or leg 
(although you said you have lots of bruising on your thighs, you may want to 
avoid that area.  It's tough, especially in the beginning.

  As for the honeymoon phase this is so personal.  Josh's lasted almost a 
year and was on such a small amount of insulin in the beginning that you 
almost wondered if he was relaly diabetic at all.  But he is.  It is so 
different for each person.  Be glad that your needs are small right now, and 
know that getting good control now can actually prolong your honeymoon phase 
and help your body out a lot!.

  Being on this list is THE BEST thing for you.  Keep asking those questions. 
 That is what this place is all about.  Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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