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Re: [IP] daunted by opportunity...


  Sorry this is a little late!  Boy can I relate to that feeling of being 
lost or undaunted or not really sure right now!  As for throwing away your 
endo's basals and starting over...I'm surprised it has taken you this long to 
realize that that is exactly what you have to do.  These guys don't really 
have a clue.  But they give you a starting point from which YOU, the wearer 
(or in my case the mom) can start making the necessary adjustments.  WOW... 
if Josh were even close to being on the Basals that our endo gave us almost 2 
years ago, he would be nothing but hypo all of the tim e.  Once I read the PI 
book (this took me the better part of 9 months to stop procrastinating and 
do, by the way!) and I finally got rid of Josh's DP and got htings evened 
out, Josh's insulin needs dropped in HALF.  No kidding.  He started out with 
a TDD of around 46 units per day and went down to 24.  He is now back up to 
about 28-29 but still, think about it!

  These doctors do not live with this eeryday, 24/7 like we do.  They can 
only help you get started and hope that you can get around on your own.  And 
as for leaving your endo out of the loop, well, our endo hears from me the 
week before our quarterly visit (which is tomorrow by the way!) and the rest 
of the time I'm on my own.  I basically feel that he will be there is 
something comes up that I don't quite understand.  But other than that I feel 
I have found my own way in this world of diabetes.  Now I need to teach my 
son what I know so he can someday find his won way too.  The endo and what 
ever team you may have (we have none out here, just him) are there as a 
safety net, nothing else.  Use them when you feel you must but don't worry 
about not telling them everything.  Unless they are also living 24/7 in the 
world of diabetes they only have book learning under their belts and nothing 

  That is what is so great about this forum, we live it, 24/7, so we know and 
can actually picture what it is you are trying to do, or perhaps know how you 
might feel and the frustrations of being a newbie or whatever.  We know 
because we have been and still are!

  Does what I'm saying make any sense to anyone.  Anyway, Catherine, I hope 
by now you have started to feel better about things.  The PI book really does 
help explain things.  And this list is full of people who might know some 
short-cuts to make it even more simple...Just Ask!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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