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[IP] Baby teeth and High Blood Sugars

Hi Pumpers and soon to be pumpers!

Update on Kap (Kevin) age 11, dxd 8/26/98 pumping 1/12/2000

Pumping is still going great, until school started
1. He is in middle school
2. Changing classes 6 times a day.
3. Puberty - all girls seem to have breast this year according to my drooling 
son. LOL
Anyway, he started school have nothing but high blood sugars 24/7, He went 
from .7 units basel to 1.1 basel.  One day after starting the 1.1 basel rate, 
he got off the bus feeling low for a 1st time in a long time.  
He drank his juice and then he did a Show and Tell
He had 2 (two) teeth in his hand.  He had lost 2 baby teeth - molars - one on 
each side.  I had forgotten how many times he had ran high blood sugars until 
he would lose a tooth.  
Since I can't remember if he will lose more teeth, I am considering having 
his dentist check to see how many baby teeth he has left and what would 
happen if they were pulled so just maybe he wouldn't go through weeks of high 
blood sugars.
His blood sugars feel back to normal, the basel rates did have to be lowered 
down to .9 for 24/7 but they didnt go back down to the .7 unit.  
Thanks for listening!
Darlene ( Mom to Kap)
Out of almost 5 weeks of high blood sugars, One positive thing did come out 
of it.  Kap's endo wrote a note to school so that Kap now test blood sugars 
at his desk and not the office.
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