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[IP] RE: glycosylation

I found the following info...click here for full text:

The longer the blood glucose level is high, the more
glycosylation will occur.

Note, also, that this factor is influenced by the age of the red
blood cell - many cells in our body are continually being broken
down and replaced; the average life span of a red blood cell is
about 120 days. The haemoglobin is continuously being glycated at
a rate which is proportional to the prevailing blood glucose
level. At any given time, there will be a mixture of old and new
red blood cells circulating in the bloodstream. Old cells will
have been exposed to recent, and not so recent, blood glucose
levels. New cells will only have been exposed to recent blood
glucose levels. So the more recent glycaemia will have the
largest influence on the overall HbA1c reading. Indeed, it has
been suggested that half of an HbA1c value is attributable to the
previous month, a further quarter to the month before that, and
the other quarter to the two months before that.

Red blood cells in patients with haemolytic anaemia have a short
lifetime and they are therefore subject to less glycation; HbA1c
levels in these people are therefore lower.

Chemical reaction
The actual chemistry of the reaction between glucose and protein
is complex. In the short term, an intermediate is formed which
may dissociate into glucose and protein again. However, over a
period of many hours, the intermediate undergoes molecular
'rearrangement' and becomes a stable entity. So the initial
linking of glucose to protein (haemoglobin in this case) is
'reversible' but the overall process is 'irreversible'.

Hope this helps!
take care, Kerri

Richard said:
Thank you so much for the ref. I wonder if you can direct me and
others to
research that might answer the following question: My recovery
from low BS at
say 30BS is fast, say 15 to 30 min whereas highs of 400BS may be
recovered to
the initial steady state value of BS in say 4-8 hrs. I can see
how the high
valves might be weighted more the low valves because of different
constants for adsorption.
Take Care
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