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[IP] Re: It's all in his head

Pam wrote:
>>>They cleaned the wound, stuck a bandaid on it,
and told us to make an appt. with his doctor about a week out to have the BB
removed once the swelling goes down.>>>

I have found that often the instructions from the ER guys are completely
against what the *real* doc wanted once you arrive in the office. My son
fell on a chain link mat at school once (has an imprint of a swastika on his
knee now) - took him to the ER and he was instructed to NOT take one step on
that leg for 2 weeks, then see an orthopedic surgeon. The ortho was livid
when he found out son hadn't used that knee at all. He had to lift weights
starting a lb. at a time (we used pork & bean cans, etc.) lying down on the
piano bench to strengthen that knee making it equal to the other one.

I'm wondering if you shouldn't call the doc now and see what he/she says.
That BB may be healed over by the time you go in, making it more difficult
to remove. Sure glad it wasn't more serious than what it is! Good Luck!!

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