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Re: [IP] RE: non-responding highs

Maybe I have a big head and a little brain but I have dropped 300 -> 200 in a
matter of mins and more at higher BS. Would it be possible to give me ref
work, what are expected ..?, only for children ?
Take Care

I've heard this before from some parents on the CWD list but from
what I've ever been able to find, this only applies to DKA.
Perhaps Spot and/or Barbara Bradley can shed more light on this?
When my daughter was in DKA at dx they told me that bringing the
bg down too fast etc could cause swelling on the brain.

Take care, Kerri

Barbara said:
I don't want her to drop too fast, as I have read that a drop
greater than 100 points an hour (5.0 mmol) causes swelling in the
brain, so
at times its a little tricky.
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