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[IP] Re: Insurance bankrupt

I feel a bit relieved from George and Jenny's statements that Tower 
insurance should still be liable, although I still should be careful.  I 
called the Nevada Insurance Commission and learned that California is 
'trying' to keep them in business and that my employer should not have 
stated that they are out of business, at least yet.  It appears that even 
if their business is saved that they will still be out of Nevada within a 
few months.  My employer had a knee jerk reaction and just decided not to 
pay.  The insurance may be good, but the agent really has no idea how long 
that will last.

I know that whenever I sign up for a doctor, that they ALWAYS have a form 
that states that I will be liable if the insurance doesn't pay.

She also said that anytime an insurance company has lower than normal 
rates, with higher quality service, that they never last very long.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make
us love one another.
  - Jonathan Swift
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