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[IP] Re: cold that won't go away

<<I seem to have this cold that just won't go away.  Just when I think it's getting better, it comes back.  I went to the doc once and he said it's not bacterial so I shouldn't use an antibiotic.>>

Julie, I have the same thing, and I'm going on six weeks now.  I hesitate to say that I'm feeling any better because it seems that every time I say that I end up a little worse the next day, but my doc won't give me an antibiotic either.  I think he's right--that it isn't bacterial--but it's still frustrating.  I have really upped my vitamin C and I take echinacea, and that seems to finally be helping, and I'm also just taking it easy.  My doc also told me that he's seen a lot of people with this cold and that it's just stubborn.  I'll be interested in what other people have to suggest about this one, though.

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