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[IP] acupuncture

I know a little on this subject... Acupuncture is done with needles that are
a much smaller gauge that any insulin or pump needle. They do not penetrate
the dermal layer of skin - or at least are not supposed to. If they do, the
acupuncture treatment is not successful. The subcutaneous layer that our
needles go through and the physical location of most injection and infusion
sites makes it unlikely for an acupuncture effect to take place. I have the
same ghost pains others described and I ask a dermatologist about it, so his
knowledge is "skin based" not "systems based" and he said that the pain is
when the actual skin layer itself starts to heal itself. The nerve endings
re-join and that re-joining is what causes the pain. Kind of like the pain
you feel after you work out is because the muscles are repairing themselves.
To be honest I am not quite sure I buy this answer though. Maybe because it
was not my "real" doctor.
Amy B. Anderson
Apple Product Professional

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