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[IP] RE: regularity

Coffee has that effect on me as well. (So does purple grape
juice.) I remember once when my family was on a trip and my
nephew (18mos at the time) was constipated. I told my sister to
put a little coffee in his milk bottle. She didn't think it would
work but did it anyway. It worked. ;)

I have read that warm or hot water stimulates the bowels to move
(maybe that's why the coffee works?) The lemon in the water is
probably just for flavor.

Kathy said:
My dad swears by having a cup of hot water with lemons in it to
start his
day.  It doesn't taste bad either!  But I'd much rather have my
first hit
with decaf coffee...that keeps me regular...sounds weird but it

Of course, I eat lots of fruit and veggies and grains as well. :)
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