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[IP] Re: The Weather (from Lily) or It's All In His Head

Michael R. wrote:
"For you parents of pre-teen and young teens, this is from a young lady now
18 who was using 80-90 units a day at one point when she was 12 or 13...."

That's where my 14 year old son has been at times during this past year.  
He's had great control for the most part, but the past few weeks have been a 
little crazy with lows one night, highs the next, and one 10 hour episode of 
extreme insulin resistance, which we've never faced before (using two 
different sources of fresh insulin).  

I was beginning to think I would never get another decent night's sleep 
without performing multiple BG checks.

And then, Thursday night, he suffered a freak accident while sitting at his 
bedroom desk.  His 10 year old sister, against our household rules, picked up 
our 13 year old's BB gun in the back yard, thought it was empty and fired off 
a stray shot.  It sailed through Robert's window and struck him right above 
the left eye at the outside end of his eyebrow. 

I walked in from a meeting at the high school moments later to discover a 
nightmare--Robert hysterical, clutching his face, and covered in blood.  
X-rays at the ER showed the BB was still in his head, although there appeared 
to be no bone penetration.  They cleaned the wound, stuck a bandaid on it, 
and told us to make an appt. with his doctor about a week out to have the BB 
removed once the swelling goes down.

I checked his BG while we were waiting for the x-rays:  111.  Two hours later 
when we got home: 101.  In the night:  120.  Next morning:  99.  Basically, 
since he started walking around with this little steel ball in his head his 
numbers have been the best in weeks.  Like I said, it's all in his head.   

Pam Moore
Mom of Robert, who is dying to take an airplane trip so he can set off the 
security alarms with his head. 
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