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RE: [IP] Pumping Novalog

> Sorry if I am out of the loop on this...
> 1) Is Novalog now on the market for the general public (with
> prescription or otherwise) or is it in trial stage still?

The email I received from their VP marketing for the US said it was 
released to the market in the US on 18 Sept.

> 2) If it is on the market, does anyone know if it uses the same
> buffers as Novolin N or R?
 Dunno, see below

> I ask because I have allergic reactions to the buffers in Novolin
> and thus have always used Lilly insulin.  My insurance company has a
> 'preferred' brand which is Novo Nordisk, but because they don't have
> a humalog equivalent they allow me to get the Lilly Humalog without
> special paperwork stating that I have medical necessity to use Lilly
> over Novo Nordisk.  
> My concern is that once Novalog is available to everyone I will have
> to get all the paperwork together. 

Contact this person to ask that question:
  Sofia A. Iqbal, R.Ph.
  Drug Information Scientist
  Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  100 College Road West
  Princeton, NJ 08540
  email @ redacted

email @ redacted
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