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Re: [IP] venting about P.E. teacher

Hi Deborah,

I'd suggest making an appointment with the teacher, reaffirm positively
her desire that her encouragement of exercise is great, but that perhaps
she could make a distinction between type 1 and type 2 diabetes, since
there is no evidence that type 1 is caused by lack of exercise. Explain
why you are sensitive to her statement, and ask her to clarify. If you
do it in a nice way (not demanding or coming on too strong), I'm sure
she'll respond positively.

Then just leave it at that. Try not to overreact or overprotect your
daughter! Believe me, as the parent of a daughter and a son myself, I
know that's hard to do, but it is important! In fact, you might
encourage your daughter to handle the situation in a similar way next
time--going up to the teacher after class, and dealing with it
herself--so that she'll be better equipped in the future to handle such
situations on her own. She's going to encounter all kinds of ignorant
statements about diabetes in her lifetime, so it would be good for her
to get some practice in how to handle them even now.

Good luck!


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