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Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

Two Endos I've seen insist:

- pump is more trouble than instensive MDi & associated uncontroled DP; ie:
am ng's into the 400-500 range daily for last 27 years.
- "no one wants to walk around all day with a needle stuck in them"
- pumps very seldom provide better control
- everyone on the pump is going back ot MDi anyway

And I'm out of new endos!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

Have you tried providing your endo with the information to access this email
list and the one for the professionals?  Have you asked the ADA or any of
the other organizations to help you communicate your desires and needs with
your endo?

It sounds you have an endo like the first one I fired.  Lousy manners,
didn't stay abreast of current treatment trends and didn't listen to his
patients as much as he liked to listen to himself spouting off what he
thought was always the best treatment.

I've gotten to the point where I consider every one I deal with in the
medical field as a potential employee who has to pass my interview process.
If I don't get the very clear impression that I have an equal say in my
treatment I go elsewhere.

Sadly it sounds like you do not have this option.  That's why I suggest
getting others involved.  JDF ADA and whoever else you need or is willing.
You can get a free issue of Diabetes Interview from their website which has
great articles in their up and pumping section.
http://www.diabetesworld.com .

I've been pumping for less than a month and I know for a fact that 6 or more
shots a day is not an easier way to manage my diabetes.  I just spent the
first day in years where for the past 12 hours I did not have a low or any
test over 125 mg/ (note: I work from 11pm until 9 am EST.)  I don't walk
around all day with a needle stuck in me, with these new infusion sets the
needle stays in only long enough to insert the infusion set itself.  Then
you remove the needle and the only thing left is this tiny little flexible
plastic tube that I only know is there because of the tape holding it in
place.  Pumps provide more than just better control.  They provide a level
of freedom in exercise and diet that I have never had before.  And if at all
possible I will never go back to shots.  After 25 years of shots, I've had

It sounds like your endo needs to walk in our shoes for a few days.
Following our diets, testing and injection routines.

Oh, do you have anything like a patient advocate program?  Some places do
and they provide help with more than billing/payment schedules.

email @ redacted
the best diabetes care providers are diabetics themselves.

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