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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #593

Wombn wrote:
>  I'm thinking of just going ahead and doing a prep just like the video

Go for it!!!  why hte heck NOT???  there is no need to put anything IN the 
reservoir!  Just fill it up with a little air, lower the arms down and just 
tuck the End into your pocket or down your pants or sometihng...dont think i 
would want to push AIR in me...there is NO problem leaving the site in you 
with nothing going in it. Sometimes I have two sites in me at one time...when 
I change sites, i leave the old one in for several hours (or longer if I 
forget).  If you are worried about anythign getting IN you...put the little 
cab on the site...

Do it!

why not?  You can follow directions on the video and in the book...

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