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[IP] appendix?

Brian wrote:
> the appendix is on the right side of the body half way between the 
> B-button and hip bone and does not hurt bad when you press down 
> but it hurts VERY bad when you release the pressure (rebound pain)

Unless you are Sara Smartie Pants in which case it DOES hurt on the left side 
and it hurts JUST as bad when you press down as when you let go...Old timers 
on IP will remember when this pain I had was named "diverticultis" by the 
talented doctors at NYU, though one of my endo's partners actually thought it 
might be my appendix...After a week in the hospital on no food or water I was 
feeling marginally better so they let me go...I went to Chicago on business 
and admitted myself to Northwestern cuz the ALIEN was back....Chicago docs 
did a laparotomy (sliced from mid stomach to groin and found my infected 
appendix ready to pop!

To who ever had the stomach pain...don't ever let a doctor send you home 
blaming it on not taking care of your diabetes!!!  Diabetes does NOT cause 
pain!  It causes complications, which sometimes MUST be treated by a doctor!!!

:-)=B xoxx~~~~[507]
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