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Re: [IP] venting about P.E. teacher

Why don't you just tell her what you told us in your posting?  You have very 
valid points; she makes it look like your kid has an "old people's disease" 
from lack of exercise!  Also, it burns me too when people use the term 
"diabetes" when they really mean Type 2 diabetes!  With 5 kids at the school, 
this teacher should know the difference, but even so, she should have 
considered the effects of her lecture on the diabetic kids.  I just got a 
call the other day from the school nurse who was worried/annoyed with my 
teenage daughter who wasn't eating that day.  She "knows diabetics have to 
eat".  Well, I explained to her that with a pump, you don't have to eat 
unless you want to or to treat a low.  I still don't think she believes me!
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