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Re: [IP] Question: I need help getting a comfortable basal rate. Difficulty, ...

In a message dated 10/31/00 8:34:34 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Help, i can't seem to get a comfortable basal rate.  I have the regular 3AM
 to 7AM dose increase, and then 0.5 the rest of the day. The 0.4u/hour keeps
 my BSs at 160-230.  While at 0.5u.hr, i have many crashes of low blood
 sugar, 40s and 50s. My doctor doesn't know.  Any suggestions??

Try alternating basal rates: .4 one hour, .5 the next, .4 the next, etc. Or 
every half hour if your pump allows that.

Jan and Elvis
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