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Re: [IP] HELP pump died- What Plans Do You Have?

In a message dated 10/31/00 5:07:14 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Eve's loaner pump died at 3:30 this morning. What do we do now? We called

mimimed and they will sent out a pump tomorrow. How do you calculate insulin

for the basals? >>

This should be a reminder to everybody to make sure they understand their 
backup plans if for some reason they can't use their pump.  Really, everyone 
should have these plans, things happen!

One possibility: if it is the pump that is the problem, with the teflon sites 
you can just inject your basal into the infusion set periodically (for 
instance, the amount of humalog that would be delivered by your basal every 3 
hours delivered as a bolus every 3 hours).  Kind of labor intensive, but not 
too bad for the short run.  And a little hard to do really accurately with 
very small basal dosages, so frequent testing is a must.

Linda Z
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