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[IP] To Wombn: Not dumb at all!

When I first got my supplies I tested out a softset, and then I wore my pump hooked to
my waistband for a day or two to test out the weight.  Do it!  It helped my anxiety a
lot to know it wasn't so scary. And that's coming from someone who was never able to do
tummy injections!  I am too chicken to use the sils, but to me, the softsets are great.
Sometimes it hurts a tad, like a bloodtest.  Other times it doesn't hurt at all. I think
you'll like the pump.  I know it makes my life a lot easier and more flexible.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Started pumping August 15, 2000 and immediately got pregnant.  Coincidence???

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