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[IP] Pre Existing Cond

whomever can tell you the name and number.   The pre-existing condition
policy, as long as the person was covered before with no lapse, is illegal.
Pres Clinton took that away for us.   It is absolutely illegal for them to
claim pre-existing condition.  NOW...be careful about the lapse.....my
former insurance ended on Friday and new insurance began on Monday when I
changed jobs and they tried to tell me I had a lapse in coverage!!!  I got
the new company to start my insurance on the Friday my old insurance ended.
ONLY because I had specifically asked, after accepting the job, if my
insurance would be a continuation....was told yes.  So when BCBS tried the
lapse thing, I went to HR and said 
"you said..."  and they changed my start date.   Nasty little trick.   But
call the Insurance Commissioner and you should be fine.  Keep us posted!!!
Bonnie Richardson

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 14:09:11 -0800 (PST)
From: Jamie Mitchell <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] pre-exsisting condition

Could anyone please tell me how to handle a bad
situation?! My husbands company has a pre- exsisting
limitation, and under his insurance they will not
cover anything that has to do with my diabetes until
march 2001. Well we asked about this before my husband
went to this job, and everyone said, as long as I have
had insurance coverage without it lapsing I would be
alright, well I did all of that, and now they won't 
pay. I already have my pump because when Disetronic
called them, they said they would pay 80% and me 20%,
that's the only reason I could afford it. Now I have
thousands of dollars worth of denied claims for
doctors, labs and pump. What can I do????<<<<<<<<SNIP

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