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[IP] bone density-reply to Lindsey

Lindsay wrote"

Especially bone jarring/load bearing work?  And didn't he put you on one of
the drugs that actually stimulates the bones to make more cells?  If the
answer to any of these questions is no, I seriously suggest you switch
doctors.  You almost definitely should go on estrogen for your bones; unless
you can't tolerate it or have a family history of cancer.  I am assuming you
I appreciate the advice, but I think I must have forgotten to include a few
1.  I already have cancer
2.  I will NOT switch doctors due to the fact that I love mine, and we just
found this out.
3.  We are getting more testing done ASAP.  I have to do the 24 hour urine
collection for calcium test, and several blood tests.  He does not want to
do anything drastic YET until he finds out if this is a newly happened
condition.  Like I stated in my email, he said this may not be a new thing,
as I have never had this test before.  I have always had weak bones etc so
he thought it may have been pre-existing.
4.  My bones already break easy, to a certain point, so the bone
jarring/heavy work load is NOT advised, by either me or endo.
5.  I have been advised it is NOT  safe (for me)  to take more than 1200 mg
of calcium daily, so I am on 600 mg both AM and PM doses.
Thanks for advice, I am adding it to my list from all on list.

Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc.
email @ redacted

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