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Re: [IP] would this be dumb?

Not dumb at all. In fact when I first went onto the pump, I bought a bottle
of saline water from the druggist and practiced filling my cartridges and
wore the thing filled with (sterile) saline for a couple of days. Infusion
set and all in and pumping saline water.

I used the "Pumping Insulin" book to calculate my basals, and when I did go
on it LIVE, I had no trouble at all.

Good luck!
Jenny Sutherland

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From: "wombn"
Subject: [IP] would this be dumb?

> I've got all this pump stuff sitting here calling my name in eery
> monster voices (the introducer needle).
> I'm thinking of just going ahead and doing a prep just like the video
> *without insulin* and wearing it around for a couple hours, not even
> pumping or anything.  To ease into it and to get over this anxiety
> Is that dumb?  Are there negative consequences to doing that?

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