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[IP] The BIg Day

Well, today is the big day. I am really excited. My appointment is not until 
ten but here it is 2:30 in the morning and I am already awake. I am normally 
up at this time to get ready for work but I actually have a day I am able to 
sleep in and I am still up. 

I woke with a bg of 243. This is always my high time but I am not sure why. 
It is so difficult for me to do the two hour after dinner and bedtime bg 
tests because by then I am usually asleep. I have tried for the last year to 
train myself but don't have much luck.

They used to think that my morning high was due to a nighttime low and then 
rebound but now they think it is dawn phenomenon. Today's could be because of 
the low I had last night then an overcompensation of carbs.

Does anyone have trouble with spaghetti. I have never had a low after eating 
it but last night within an hour of taking humalog and eating I had a bg of 
53. couldn't explain it but had another 19 carbs which should have raised me 
to about 130 but maybe it was late blooming spaghetti. 

Oh well I will let you know how this morning goes. Sorry I don't ever make it 
to the nightly chats with my work schedule I am lucky if I stay up past 7.

Susan Bailey
dx 10-99
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