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Re: [IP] my pump arrived!!!!

On 30 Oct 2000, at 20:48, Notha Stevens wrote:

> Glad it got there. I was overwhelmed with the boxes too :-) The video is
> kinda boring...but just a couple of times and you will have the basics. The
> needle is not nearly as bad as it looks...Freaked me out though. If you look
> closely you will see the plastic cannula that will remain when you pull the
> needle out. That helped my anxiety some. 

Yup!  It's one of the two main reasons I was able to even *consider* 
the pump (the 2nd reason being: SofSerter).

>I took one apart before every going
> to education. 

I've been contemplating that

> LOL  When is your big day?

I don't know!!!!!!  The trainer hasn't contacted me yet!  <pout>

> I bought one of the waist things...works well and I didn't have to worry
> about night wear with a pocket. I tried putting under my pillow, clipping
> etc..but when you roll over you are confined and have to remember to take
> the line with you!!! I like the waist thing.

Do you ever end up laying *on* the pump and having it wake you 
up? Or does it slip around your waist and move out of the way?

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