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Re: [IP] Bone Density

Didn't your doctor tell you that exercise is more important now than ever?  
Especially bone jarring/load bearing work?  And didn't he put you on one of 
the drugs that actually stimulates the bones to make more cells?  If the 
answer to any of these questions is no, I seriously suggest you switch 
doctors.  You almost definitely should go on estrogen for your bones; unless 
you can't tolerate it or have a family history of cancer.  I am assuming you 
are not even close to menopause, so this is a serious problem to get expert 
advice on.  This is not something small; you could end up hunched over and 
ultimately in pain.  When you hit menopause and your estrogen drops, your 
bone density plummets.  In your case, you are already dangerously low.  
Calcium must be taken 3 times a day at a dose of 500 mgs each.  And at that, 
it only helps somewhat.  Your bones are not as thin as they are just because 
you lack calcium in your diet.  Plenty of women have been taking in calcium, 
only to find their bone density tests are not good.  And you should also get 
retested in a year, because the test is a primitive one, and only does a 
rough approximation of what is going on with your bones.  Do your homework, 
start working out more than ever, and get on that new bone density drug that 
doesn't have estrogen like side effects, and can actually rebuild bones and 
increase density.
Good luck.
P.S. I know because I am 48, pre-menopausal, and have a thin spot on my left 
hip bone.  My college roommate also has massive osteoporosis throughout her 
family and I see what they are doing about it.  Her sister had a complete 
hysterectomy (includes ovaries) and had surgical menopause at age 35.  Her 
bones have been helped by this new drug which she will be on for the rest of 
her life.
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