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Re: [IP] starting the pump on your own

>>  I found one endo (the
>> only one who sees pump patients) and he's been discouraging me form the
>> pump for three years.  So I'm going it alone.  I have been studying the
>> pump and following this list for four years or more and will try it without
>> the dorks who call themselves doctors.
>Darrin, why has he been discouraging you? Has he given you any reasons?
>My endo discouraged me the first time I asked, saying that it was more
>trouble than it was worth (like as if he would know, not having diabetes
>and not living with it 24/7), but when I asked again, a year later, he
>went along with it.
>Personally, I think the pump is LESS trouble than shots, simply because
>I was already doing the testing and carb-counting, and having the pump
>makes it easier to be spontaneous!

Two Endos I've seen insist:

- pump is more trouble than instensive MDi & associated uncontroled DP; ie:
am ng's into the 400-500 range daily for last 27 years.
- "no one wants to walk around all day with a needle stuck in them"
- pumps very seldom provide better control
- everyone on the pump is going back ot MDi anyway

And I'm out of new endos!

Darrin Parker
email @ redacted   Nova Scotia, Canada!

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