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[IP] Re: sleeping with the pump

My pump, my husband, and I have been happily sleeping together in the buff for the
last 6 years.  OK--not entirely true, since my pump wears a clipcase in the sack.
But I certainly don't clip it to anything!  (Ouch!)  With the short tubing, the pump
just sort of follows me around in bed.  With the 42" I sometimes wake up with it
coiled around me like a boa constrictor.  But not to worry.  I have never pulled a
set out or damaged the pump in my sleep.  The only occasional problem is our cat,
who loves to chew through the tubing and lick out the insulin.  So sleep well, but
beware the crafty feline companion.


> Subject: Re: [IP] Sleeping with the pump
> <part of original post>
> <I have a question...where to put the pump when you sleep....Also am
> thinking the 42 inches of tubing is too long.>

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