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[IP] 24 Hours From Hell

I just had the very worst experience I've had in the 13 years that I have had 
DM.  I prepared a light dinner for myself, tested my blood which was within 
normal range, took the appropriate bolus, and took my daily nighttime 
vitamins and meds.  Just as I was beginning to eat I realized that I had 
mistakenly taken 1500 mg of niacin which was supposed to have been in my 
husband's vitamin container.  Within moments I became violently ill but 
recovered enough before bedtime to drink enough milk and eat enough dry bread 
to cover the pre dinner bolus, or so I thought.  I awoke at 1:00 am with a 
very rapid heartbeat and went to the kitchen to test.  The next thing I knew, 
I woke up on the floor with a bleeding head.  When my husband tested my blood 
it was not low as I had suspected, but 277--a rebound no doubt.  It was 
exactly 24 hours after I sat down to eat the night before that I finally got 
my blood BG below 275 in spite of testing frequently and taking more than 
twice the normal daily insulin and eating little.  Forty-eight hours after 
the "event" I am happy to say I am feeling just fine.  Moral of the story?  
Keep your BG meter next to the bed. We diabetics are tough, resilient and 
determined and I really value the support we get here.  Few others would 
understand the subtle humor in this saga!  
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