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Re: [IP] back off

.snip< And for the
majority of pump users, young children, if they are at
school or any other situation where there parent is
not nearby and this happens they are put in a
especially risky danger since they may not know how to
change the reservoir.>snip

Are the majority of pump users young children?  I haven't looked at stats
for a while, but I didn't remember it that way.  Also, many young children
(don't know if it's "the majority"...but I would hope so!) who are pumping,
from the accounts I've read & from those I know personally are in
parent-initiated situations where plans are in place to allow for site
changes as needed...that may mean that the parent lives/works nearby enough
to be called in if such a case arises, or a school nurse/teacher/aide has
been trained to help with changes.  While I am not a parent, I am a
teacher - & I know that our school system would not allow for a child to be
in a situation of "risky danger" (is there any other kind?) by not having an
arrangement made so that such situations are covered in some way.

Sorry if I sound cranky about this...end of the nine weeks, combined with
facing a new endo this week when I've been EXTREMELY lazy about
record-keeping in recent months has me on edge.  (Where are Ben & Jerry when
you need them...?)


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